Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Chicago

Water Damage Restoration Chicago

Floods and leakages can often cause critical damage to houses. Whether it be broken pipes, floods or rain water, the damage done is often irreversible. Immediate professional help is required to minimize the damage to the property. Water damage can leave your property in ruins if not treated correctly which is why it is essential to get the right assistance.

At Pro Steamer Carpet Cleaner, our skilled professionals provide you with the best services and facilities. Our 24/7 emergency water damage restoration service helps minimize the damage and cost. It also means, less repair and refurbishing. The longer the water is stagnant in your house, the more damage will come to your property. Depending on the damage and amount of water, our team determines the best treatment for your home within a reasonable sum.

In case of a natural disaster which might cause rivers or lakes to overflow, flood damage removal is necessary to save your property. Floods often submerge a considerable portion of your property. This can also be hazardous to life as electric current can flow with water causing death by electrocution. Professional help should be acquired in such situations. Such incidents can occur at any time of the day which is why it is crucial to contact a service which has 24/7 emergency damage restoration facility available.

Water Removal:

It is vital to remove the stagnant water as soon as possible. If the property stays submerged long enough, it might be impossible to bring it back to its original condition. Water damage is classified into different classes by the experts. Class 1 is minimum damage which can be treated easily. Class 2 is defined as damage affecting the floors and a small portion of the wall. Class 3 requires immediate help as it affects the entire area including ceiling, wall, floor etc. Class 4 is the most critical situation which requires urgent removal and affects the entire property. Class 4 is often due to floods thus requires the complete flood damage removal process. The experts at Pro Steamer Carpet Cleaner in Chicago are trained to identify the class of water damage and act accordingly.

The specialists measure the pH balance of the water to determine whether the water is clean or contaminated. The treatment process varies accordingly. If the water is contaminated, then special chemicals have to be used to eliminate bacteria and fungus. Depending on the level of contamination, the quantity used, varies. Sewage leaks can be a severe health hazard and requires immediate removal. Depending on how long the water has been stagnant for and the amount of water, the experts determine a procedure for removal.

Special equipment is used to eradicate water thoroughly. Moisture detectors and infrared cameras are used for complete removal of water. In case of polluted water, disinfectants and antiseptic products are used to rid the area of any impurities and infection. After basic removal of water has been carried out, the restoration method is carried out.


Once the water has been eradicated, the experts work on restoring the property. Any furniture that has been soaked is taken out for cleaning or drying. In case of highly contaminated water, the furniture and carpet is washed with anti-bacterial chemicals and disinfectants to remove any chance of disease. However if it has been soaked for more than 48 hours, then it can’t be salvaged. Any hardwood flooring has to be removed and replaced in case the damage is class 3 or above. Mostly, the furniture can be easily recovered with proper drying and refurbishing.

The walls and ceiling usually absorb water which can be a major issue as mold and fungus can grow on them. Dehumidifying equipment is used to remove any such threat and bring the humidity levels back to normal. If the mold has already developed, then the walls and ceiling need to be penetrated to eliminate the moisture. Any leakages or seepage is fixed and treated to avoid further problems. Getting rid of the mold and fungus is crucial as it can put your health at risk. Bacteria can cause a lot of diseases and renders the home environment unhealthy. It is essential to remove it completely before living in the property again.

After the property has been fully cleaned, it has to be dried out. The property takes time drying out depending on the class of damage. The team uses heavy drying equipment to rid the walls, ceiling and flooring of any moisture. The furniture, after being washed and dried is restored. Once the team has given approval of the property, it can be vacated again.

Our Water Damage Restoration team is best equipped to deal with such situations. Having state of the art apparatus and machinery, they provide you with complete restoration in a brief time period. Our trusted team of professionals make your property their priority, making sure all damage is reversed.

Safety Measures:

In case of flood, the property must be immediately evacuated and flood damage control should be contacted. It is suggested to find higher ground before help facilities contact you and advise you differently.

Pro Steamer Carpet Cleaner advises its clients on basic safety measures as soon as contacted. It is essential that these are followed to prevent any injuries and to minimize the damage. The source of the water should be blocked to stop the inflow. The electricity should be switched off and all electrical appliances should be kept away from the water. Valuable items should be carried to high ground. It is advised to not tread on wet flooring especially carpeted floors.  In case the water is contaminated, it is recommended to avoid touching any soaked object and evacuate as soon as possible. Even if the water looks clean, it is better to wear gloves before coming in contact with any drenched object. If all these measures are adhered to, there will be lesser damage to the house and no health risks.