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Pet Odor Removal Chicago

Effective Pet Odor Removal in Chicago for Ultimate Hygiene and Safety

Pets are integral part of our lives making us happy maintaining an exuberant atmosphere.  However, in their presence, you can have a tough time retaining clean and hygienic surroundings in the entire house. Cleanliness is very important to retain a sound health and get a breath of fresh air for the family members especially the kids.

Pet accidents can be a major cause of concern and upset your clean rooms. It is not always possible to keep a watch on them and prevent the occurrence. You may not even be aware most of the times or may also not find the exact place of accidents. Nevertheless, you will start experiencing foul odor in different parts of the house urging the need of urgent pet odor control initiatives. Ordinary cleaning is not efficient enough to provide desired results and you may not be able to eliminate the problem. All you need is the assistance of professional service providers for proper pet urine odor removal.

Convenience of Professional Pet Urine Odor Treatment

Pet urine odor treatment is the ultimate solution to your problem. Our  trained and experienced professionals are very efficient in locating the exact position of pet accidents even on rugs, carpets, sofas etc. We apply the uniquely formulated pet urine odor treatment products to remove the unpleasant smell completely. These products have been developed after keen research and gone through several tests and trials before acquiring approval for standard treatment purposes. They are suitable for dealing with the strong odors and urine problems.

Major Risk of Untreated Pet Urine Traces and Odors

With passing time, apart from bad odors, germs start developing at the location of the pet accidents. The odor gives an unpleasant feeling and cause extreme embarrassment in front of guests and outsiders. The germs developing in the area can affect your health and cause illness in children. The presence of pet urine on the carpets and rugs can leave ugly stains. The carpet fiber tends to absorb the liquid quickly leaving the underneath floor and the inner layers tainted. This is also the same for other portions of the house including walls, foundation, concrete structures etc. One of the major tendencies of the pets is that they are always attracted to the location of the previous incident and they can repeat the incidents over and again at the same place. If over looked for longer and no attempts are made for the pet urine removal, the smell will be stronger and unbearable.

Drawbacks of Conventional Cleaning and Treatment

The urine will gradually dry owing to the evaporation of the liquid. The remnants of the urine crystals will thicken further and produce stronger smell. Cleaning agents such as surfactants, phenyl and other products are not effective for treating the odor permanently. They will cover the odor for a temporary period only. The urine crystals left on the floors, walls, carpets develop a tough bond with the surfaces, and they are hard to break using simple cleaning ingredients. To destroy the odor permanently it is essential to break these crystals and remove them completely.

Get Rid of the Pet Urine Odor from the Entire House Permanently

In the past, there was not enough means to clean the pet urine and odor removal product in the market. Now, the pet urine removal treatment products are available that work fine to eliminate the odors permanently. However, you will require the assistance of the experts to apply these products. The professionals perform a series of actions to complete the cleaning and sanitation process.


       1. Locating the Area of Pet Accident

Pro Steamer Carpet Cleaner trained and licensed professional uses the penetrating moisture meter or black light equipment to locate the areas of pet accidents in the entire house. This is sufficient to locate the areas. However, in some rare cases, they may have to check under the carpets or replace the padding.

       2.  Application of Cleaning Agents

The cleaning is conducted in two phases:

  1. Once the area has been located, the professionals thoroughly wash and clean the areas using a carbonated cleaning agent. Carbon particles in the solution are effective in absorbing the bad odor and effectively remove the stains. In case of stubborn stains and remnants, they use hot water to remove the stuff completely.
  2. After the completion of the cleaning process of the first phase, professionals apply the propriety cleaning ingredients for complete pet odor removal. The product is applied to the areas including the carpets, sub-floors, tack strips and much more. The active chemical of the product will remain in the area and take around 36 hours to complete the breaking process. It will act on the molecules of the urine crystals and destroy them permanently to eliminate the smell forever. They not only remove the odor but also act as a sanitizer to keep the air fresh and clean. You get a completely clean and hygienic living atmosphere in the entire house after the cleaning process.

        3. Application of Odor Blocking Resins

In some extreme cases, you will need to apply the odor blocking resins to the areas including walls sub floors etc. This will keep the areas of pet accidents free from any sort of odor formation in case of multiple pet accidents in the past. This is an extra measure to ensure there is odor or fumes originating from the area and polluting the air in the room.

As professional service provider, Pro Steamer Carpet Cleaner care for our clients and the health of their family members residing with the pets. With these concerns in the mind, the products have been specifically tested for toxin presence and other harsh chemical reaction issues. The products used in the cleaning and after application are safe for domestic use and do not harm your children or pets. The professionals use only advanced equipments that they carry to the destination to ensure quick completion of the work and reduce the inconveniences. The authorities take full care to allot appointments at flexible hours to match the schedule of the clients.

If you are troubled with serious pet accidents and foul odor in your house, then call us today to schedule a service 773-910-0065.